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  1. Hi Tremblay, Thanks for the reply. I am referring to the roadmap region. When I select the roadmap, I get the options shown in the attached image. I can modify the linear parameters of the roadmap but the rotational ones are grayed out. Is there a way to generate a roadmap with varying end effector orientations using the toolkit?
  2. Greetings, I would like to generate motion plans with selectable end effector orientations and positions. It seems I need to generate a roadmap that samples both the orientation space and linear position space. It is possible to generate a roadmap using the 'rtr-toolkit' program, by selecting a roadmap in the 'Regions:' window it is possible to set the linear position sampling paramaters such as 'Pos (m)' and 'Size (m)'. However, the rotational sampling input box 'Rot (rad)' is grayed out. Is there a way to enable it? If not then how can motion plans with different orientation goals be generated? Best Regards
  3. Hi, there maybe a typo in the installation instructions. The final test executable should be MPATest because RapidPlanMPATest does not seem to exist. Or should it exist and its absence indicates an installation error?
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