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  4. Hi Kirill, That is correct; the command is just MPATest. Thank you for catching that! To ensure that you can execute the command, add the following lines to your .bashrc file if they are not already there source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash Relaunch your terminal or resource .bashrc if you add the lines
  5. Hi, there maybe a typo in the installation instructions. The final test executable should be MPATest because RapidPlanMPATest does not seem to exist. Or should it exist and its absence indicates an installation error?
  6. Hi Chris, I can not find any documentation in downloads tab.Can you give me another solution? Thinks, Chris
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  8. You can review your joint limits in the Toolkit if you press the "FK" button: Even though in reality all the joints of the UR5 are [-2*pi, 2*pi], they are significantly limited here, which affects the ability of the IK solver. If you go to urdf/parameters.urdf.xacro, you can see where they are set:
  9. The datasheets for the Intel RealSense D400 family of cameras is available on intel's website: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000026827/emerging-technologies/intel-realsense-technology.html
  10. @Srini @David Gravel The online documentation link is now available on this forum, and also at docs.rtr.ai/
  11. While there is no way to directly specify this constraint right now, there are a couple ways to achieve the same effect. 1) Put two different regions above each other. If you only want vertical connections, then set internal density to None, and External to Sparse. It should connect each node with the closest other node. This should result in only vertical edges, as shown in the snapshot below. If one of the vertical connections is not possible due to self-collision or something, it may create a diagonal edge. 2) If you end up with diagonal edges you don't like, in your runtime program you can plan in two stages. First plan to the location directly above your pick location, which should find the node directly above it, and then plan straight down along that vertical edge.
  12. Hi Srini, You can download an offline copy of the documentation under the documentation section of the downloads tab. Please let me know if you cannot download the documentation.
  13. Hi, I am unable to access the documentation.
  14. Hi David, A technical resource will be in touch shortly to provide answers to these questions. In the mean-time please see the documentation posted here: https://support.rtr.ai/files/categories/ Thanks, Chris
  15. I am seeking documentation about how to setup the equipment. For instance, I need to buy four cameras for this project... What kid are of cameras are we talking about? XBox Connect? GigE cameras? Camera that require a frame grabber?, resolution limits or constraints?, rolling shutter?, are particular field of views or camera lens assumed by the equipment? All these and many more question I have as far as how to prepare the Ford lab for the upcoming RTR equipment.
  16. Chris

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